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1.Last of the protest Singers : This is an attempt at writing a song to describe a young musician's rite of passage. Believe it or not, most of it is true.

2.Tinkerman's Daughter : Inspired by the poem by Kerry writer, Sigerson Clifford, this came about as a result of a bet. Myself and my wife, Maura, were driving between Listowel and Castleisland and found ourselves in Lyrecrompane. She bet me that I would not be able to put the placename in a song. This was the result.

3.Rivers : Written when I was in my mid teens, this song was originally recorded by Christy Moore in 1971. It has travelled well and has endured beyond all my wildest expectations. It is now almost regarded as an anthem for the dispossed . I'm very proud of it.

4.Sweet Listowel...............................JohnB Keane

5.Theme from Sive............................JohnB Keane

6.The Man who Drank the Farm : This attempts to get to grips with the mechanics of drinking a farm of land, a practice carried out with great enthusiasm all over Ireland. It was triggered by a late night conversation with a poet during Writers' Week in Listowel. I waited for years for him to write the song, and when he failed, I decided to do it myself.

7.Old Wooden Boats : It seems to be a rite of passage for every songwriter to write about boats.This song is based on a true encounter in Dingle a few years ago and represents perhaps the best advice I have ever been given     Watch a video of Mickey singing "Old Wooden Boats"

8.The Politician Song : When working as a journalist in Dublin I was forced to endure many painful hours reporting in the national parliament. In those days I had a very good Pitman's shorthand note and I began to notice how many cliches kept coming up again and again. I gathered them together and wrote this song.

9.The Magician's Assistant : I always liked this song which was written by my brother. It describes the wonderful revenge inflicted by a magician's assistant on her unfaithful partner. It is the sort of song that Cormac really excels at.

10.Supermarket Wine : . A song of the days when I was young, when the sun always seemed to shine, when life and love was wonderful and the world was at our feet.

11.Willie McBride parody : This song was composed by my good friend Crawford Howard from Belfast. I think that Fintan Vallelly might have had a hand in it too. This represents my interpretation of their collective wicked wit.

All songs copyright of Elm Grove Music except "Only our rivers run free"(copyright EMI London), and the "Willie McBride parody".
"Sweet Listowel" and "Theme from Sive"are copyright of JohnB Keane.