Photos: Old and New .

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Cathal and Mickey.jpg

Claire, Molly and Padraig.jpg



Danny ,Mickey, Billy at rehersals in National Concert Hallat.jpg

Sean, Cormac and Mickey.JPG

Denis, Mickey, Christy and Mully.jpg

Getting ready to perform in National Concert Hall.jpg

in Cromane.jpg

in John B's.jpg

Kerry, Mickey, Maura and Claire.tif

Launch -Live at John B's.jpg

Launch of Peter Pan + Me 1.jpg

Launch of Peter Pan + Me 2.jpg

Launch of Peter Pan + Me 3.jpg

Launch of Peter Pan + Me 4.jpg

Launch of Peter Pan + Me 5.jpg

Launch of Peter Pan + Me 6.jpg

Marian and maura.jpg

Mick and Axel.jpg

Mick and Kieran.jpg

Mickey and friends.jpg

Mickey and Maeve.jpg

Mickey and Maura.tif

Mickey with Neice Shona and brother Cathal.jpg

Mickey's School Photo.jpg

Mickey, Ado, Kerry, Claire and Paddy.jpg

Mike and Denis.jpg

Mike, Susan and Paddy.jpg


one more pint in the Arms Hotel.jpg

Paddy and Mike.jpg

Paul and Jim.jpg

Paul with Ciaran and Peter .jpg

Session in Moyvane.jpg

The Boys in the Harp and Lion.jpg

The Escape Committee.jpg

Tom and Mickey.jpg