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Only Our Rivers




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McKeown and I


We built sandcastles – McKeown and I

A summer holiday, a cloudless sky

They had turrets, towers and battlements

A world away from our tenements

Of filth and rats and pawnshop rents

And no green place to play

They had flags that fluttered high and white

A moat and drawbridge for white knight

We watched them there with child’s delight

Till the tide washed them away.




We’re men of straw

We’re men of sand

Our castles crumbled never meant to stand

We’re two born losers, sure to fail ere we’d begun

We’re snowmen built for melting in the sun.


We built a scarecrow, McKeown and I

One wild September day, a troubled sky

On the farm in the reformatory we built him tall as he could be

Stuffed with straw from chest to knee

A hat without a crown.

Tall as the dads we’d never known

A priest’s old coat around him thrown

A Borstal king but ours alone

Till the east wind blew him down.




We built a snowman, McKeown and I

One bleak December day, a bitter sky

In the prison yard where the convicts go

Outside our cell upon “B” row

We built him of the purest snow

Like two small boys at play.

White as the judge who last year said

Rot in the cell until you’re dead

Black coals for eyes we watched in dread

As the sun burned him away.


Chorus and repeat last line.



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