Mickey MacConnell
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Only Our Rivers




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I am the man who was the boy who dared to laugh aloud

To see a naked emperor parade before the crowd

And when the people fled in fear and I stood there alone

His soldiers dragged me off to jail and burned my father’s home

Now every night he visits me as I lie locked in his cage

And in a black and scarlet uniform he’s splendidly arrayed

Again I learn the lesson that my youth and freedom cost

That he who laughs the loudest is the one who laughs the last


I am the man who was the boy who heard a piper play

On the cobbled streets of Hamelin on a long lost summer day

And I watched my young companions vanish swiftly as the wind

While hampered by my crutches, I limped along behind

Out to that magic mountain with its portals opened wide

Where no doubt nor no uncertainty could ever fit inside

And as I watched that wondrous place turned into solid stone

The music and my friends were gone and I stood there alone.


I am the man who was the boy who heard a saviour say

Let’s bear out swords to ploughshares and turn our hate away

And I spoke all night with Peter –that big man home from the sea

Who seemed so lost and out of place on the streets of Galilee

Remembering a Friday on a bleak and windswept hill

Where a cross stood as a monument to the dreams the priests had killed

And after it was over |I went crying in the rain

For Judas was a friend of mine before the soldiers came.


I am the man who was the boy who walked the crooked mile

And spent the crooked sixpence like it was going out of style

And with black and bitter purpose played crooked cat and mouse

And slept with pimps and parasites in their little crooked house.



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