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Monica’s Song

Once Robert Emmet etched his name
upon an upstairs window pane
Of the Dublin pub my mother owned
A long long time ago.
The oldest tavern in the land
still Brazen by the Liffey stands
Defying time and God and man
nine hundred years and more.
And from my infant years I grew
in rooms that Tone and Emmet knew
Joyce and Swift and Collins too
those heroes one and all
A safe house for the brave and free
and all who treasure liberty
Still calling out to you and me from
Creaking floors and ancient walls


And as the City's evening bells
ring out across the Liffey swell
The ghosts still weave their haunting spells
as the evening shadows fall
They say their task is left undone,
that there are battles to be won
By you and me and everyone
who would answer Ireland's Call

As we struggle through these troubled days
The Oliver and Fagin way
Humiliated and betrayed
Pickpocketted of dreams
Those we trusted with the job to lead
Repaid us with deceit and greed
Now we're paying for the lives they lead
Far away beyond our means
But shadows mean the sun still shines
On this beloved land of mine
And I hope and pray for better times
For the sunshine after rain
When we will face the final test
And lay those troubled ghosts to rest
Change our Emerald Island of the West
Into a nation once again.

repeat last eight lines...

@ Mickey MacConnell


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