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Absent Friends

Sweet Jesus Christ Almighty Sean, can that be really you.
It’s the first time that our paths have crossed since 1982.
Is this your wife and family, can the years have gone so fast ?
How could I not have realised we’ve both grown old at last ?
It’s really good to see you Sean, it makes me feel alive
like when we first met up in school in 1965.
In the days before the Troubles, before we grew to men
and you picked up the Armalite, and I picked up the pen.


Those summer days brought voices Sean, they would not go away.
And they spoke of youth and liberty and a different better day.
And the greying ghosts of freedom had whispered once again
about yet unfinished business and of many absent friends.

Well I guess I’m doing pretty well, no I’m really doing fine
tho’ things never really seemed the same since 1969.
If I’d thought to marry anyone I suppose it might be Kate
but there’s not much chance for sweet romance in young hearts that’s learned to hate.
And being a paper tiger’s not as simple as it seems
reinforcing pride and prejudice, reinventing myths and dreams.
And the waft of Fenian winding sheets drove my sails along
towards the multi-coloured sunsets of the brighter days to come.

Whatever happened to MacManus, Christ I thought that he was gay
I’d never have imagined him turning out that way.
And you heard about Big Joey who had studied law at Queens
one day serving beer in Brooklyn, next day U. S. Marines.
How could they draft a Derryman to fight for Uncle Sam.
Kindergarten in the Bogside - Graduation, Vietnam.
And we all were very sorry he couldn’t die at home
like all the other fine young men that you and I have known.

By the way, do you remember, not for me but for a friend
the girl I used to come her with in the days before the end.
I know I’m getting older, I know it sounds insane
remembering everything about her, when I can’t recall her name.
I recall the way she tossed her hair - I recall the way she smiled.
I recall the very special way she made me feel worthwhile.
And her smile comes back to haunt me, time and time again
remembering everything about her when I can’t recall her name




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